To make your stay at Byrd’s Branch Campground more enjoyable, please observe the following rules:

Occupying your campsite:

  • Carry water to your campsite for all washing. Do not use faucets in bathrooms for cleaning dishes, fish or personal items.
  • Parents are responsible for the safety and action of their children at all times. No bare feet allowed. Caution should be observed while crossing roads.
  • Keep Campsite clean and free of Cigarette butts, nut shells, trash, etc..
  • No ditching, digging holes, or disturbing the ground cover.
  • Please help keep restrooms clean by disposing of all trash and sanitary items in the trash receptacles.
  • All visitors must register at the campground office and purchase a parking pass.
  • Do Not Park on Grass! Extra parking is at the Campground office.


  • Use designated fire rings for all fires and Do not move Firepits from area
  • Use only dead and down trees for firewood. Do not cut live trees.
  • You may also purchase firewood at the camp store $6.00 per bundle
  • Do not throw trash, cigarette butts, bottle caps, food etc.. in firepits

Controlling your pets:

  • Excessive Barking is Not allowed! Please be respectful of your neighbors
  • Leash your pets at all times. Keep your pet within your designated campsite.
  • Please pick-up and dispose of  pet litter in a plastic trash bag.


  • Place your garbage in trash cans placed around campground (if full place near trash can)

Campground courtesy:

  • Keep the Peace and Respect your Neighbors
  • Stay in your common area, Do not cross over occupied campsites
  • Excessive Noise that is disturbing 1st Warning is a Verbal/ You may be asked to leave!
  • Quiet hours are from 10:00pm until 7:00am.
  • Drive cautiously on campground roads and observe a 5-mile per hour speed limit.

Obey the law. The following are prohibited here:

  • Firearms and fireworks
  • Illegal drugs
  • 4-Wheelers, go carts, and mini bikes

Emergency Contact Numbers:

  • In case of a medical emergency dial: 911
  • Wilkes County Sheriff’s Department: 1-336-903-7600
  • Campground Owners: Dwaine Carrier 1-336-366-0603 or Larena Carrier 1-336-366-9955

Byrd’s Branch Campground is a privately owned and operated campground and reserve the right to select our clientele, refuse anyone, or ask anyone to vacate the campground for any reason the proprietors deem unacceptable.

We will not be held responsible for property damage, theft, your personal safety, or bodily injury.

For your safety and security we monitor 24/7 with video surveillance cameras.

Internet access code:

ec8af8a7ae3ada (Century Link 2837) Or BYRD (WIFI)

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  • New Owners:
    Dwaine Carrier: 336-366-0603
    Larena Carrier: 336-366-9955
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