Local Attractions

Byrd’s Branch Campground is located along the Mountains to Sea Trail in Elkin NC. This part of the trail is classified as the Elkin to Stone Mountain Trail. Enjoy a leisurely stroll, day trip, or spend the night along Byrd’s Branch. Hike to beautiful Carter Falls Power House Loop Trail, only one mile from Byrd’s Branch Campground. Hike to Grassy Creek Winery only one and a half miles. Experience nature with a walk through a White Pine Forest blanketed with nettles, or hike only 6 miles along Grassy Creek and Elkin Creek to the Elkin Park, this part of the trail is open with some highway walking.

If you’re looking for a peaceful place to pitch your tent, or park your RV, Byrd’s Branch Campground is the perfect place. Located in the country, yet close enough to Historic Downtown Elkin to meander the streets to shop, or enjoy a nice meal.

Hiking Trails

One Way Mileage

  • Byrd’s Branch Campground to Carter FallsLength: 1 mile - Difficulty: easy to moderate – Surface: natural.
  • Byrd’s Branch Campground to Grassy Creek Vineyard: Length: 1.5 miles – Difficulty:  easy to moderate – Surface: natural.
  • Byrd’s Branch Campground to Brookfall Dairy Road: Length: 1.4 miles – Difficulty: easy to moderate – Surface: natural.
  • Byrd’s Branch Campground to Carter Mill Road and Issacs’ Trailhead – Parking. Length: 2.4 miles – Difficulty: easy to moderate – Surface: natural.
  • Byrd’s Branch Campground to Stone Mountain: Length: 18.1 miles to park headquarters. (Trail and road walking)
  • Byrd’s Branch Campground to Elkin: Length: 6 miles. (Trail and road walking.)
  • Elkin “in town” Trail from tree sign on Main Street to the gong.” Length: 2 miles – Difficulty: easy level grade – Surface: Side walk/granite dust.
  • Beautiful river walk trail starting at the Elkin Municipal Park meandering along side the Big Elkin Creek, 1.1 miles one way.
  • Over Mountain Victory Trail (In town trail from Elkin Park through main street Elkin.)
  • Wells Knob section Length: 3 miles – Difficulty: easy to strenuous – Surface: natural, some gravel road.
  • Jonesville Greenway – Bluff Street, Jonesville. Length: 2 miles – Difficulty: easy – Surface: natural (Covered Bridge).
  • Stone Mountain State Park (25 minutes from Byrd’s Branch Campground.) Miles of trails, easy to strenuous, natural surfaces, waterfalls.

Elkin’s Mountain Bike Loop

Starts on the trail at the Elkin Municipal Park:

  • Elkin Creek Trail – Intermediate level 3.5-mile loop.
  • Iron Falls Trail – difficult 2-mile loop off of the Elkin Creek Trail.

Paddling – Yadkin River

  • Ronda to Elkin: 7 miles, 3 -4 hours
  • Elkin to Burch Station: 6.5 miles, 3 hours
  • Burch Station to Rockford: 12 miles, 6 hours
  • Elkin to Rockford: 18.5 miles all day trip


Local Wineries

Grassy Creek Vineyard: 1.5 mile HIKE, or 2.3 mile drive
(6 minutes)
Elkin Creek Vineyard: 1.3 mile
(4 minutes)
Adagio Vineyard: 1.2 mile
(4 minutes)
Highway 21 - North
Jones Von Drehle: 10 miles
(14 minutes)
McRichie Winery & Ciderworks: 9.8 miles
(13 minutes)
Roaring River Vineyard, Restaurant, Lodging: 17.9 miles 
(24 minutes) 
Slightly Askew Winery: 3.2 miles
(6 minutes) 
Menarick Vineyard: 5.9 miles
(11 minutes) 
Carolina Heritage: 7.4 miles 
(11 minutes) 
Swan Creek – Yadkin County area
Midnight Magdalena: 8.5 miles
(17 minutes) 
Dobbins Creek Vineyard: 11.8 miles 
(17 minutes) 
Piccione Vineyard: 13.9 miles 
(20 minutes) 
Raffaldini Vineyard: 14.2 miles 
(22 minutes) 
Laurel Gray Vineyard: 15.3 miles
(17 minutes) 
Windsor Run Vineyard: 17.6 miles 
(21 minutes) 
Shadow Springs: 18.4 miles 
(22 minutes) 
Shelton Vineyards: 10.3 miles
(18 minutes)
Stony Knoll: 16.6 miles 
(23 minutes) 
Hutton Vineyard: 16.3 miles 
(26 minutes)
Herrera Vineyard: 17.2 miles 
(23 minutes) 
Mount Airy:
Round Peak – Mount Airy: 20.5 miles 
(23 minutes) 
Old North State Winery – Mount Airy: 27.2 miles 
(33 minutes) 
Sander’s Ridge Vineyard: 15.7 miles 
(23 minutes) 
RagApple Lassie: 15 miles 
(22 minutes) 
Brandon Hills Vineyard: 23.6 miles 
(27 minutes) 
Hanover Park: 27.2 miles 
(30 minutes) 
Skull Camp Brewery, Smoke House, Winery: 1.5 miles 
(4 minutes) 
Angry Troll Brewery: 4.5 miles (Downtown Elkin) 
(9 minutes) 

Area Restaurants


Blueberry Home Cooking 2187 N. Bridge St., Elkin 336-526-6100
Dodge City, Steakhouse & Saloon 2001 N. Bridge St., Elkin 336-258-2474
Skull Camp Smokehouse/Brewery/Winery 2000 N. Bridge St., Elkin 336-352-5595
Papa John’s Pizza 1635 N. Bridge St., Elkin 336-526-9999
La Fuenta (Mexican) 1627 N. Bridge St., Elkin 336-527-4515
Mazzini’s (Pizza, Pasta, etc.) 1521 N. Bridge St., Elkin 336-526-7400
Shiki (Japanese) 1455 N. Bridge St., Elkin 336-835-2493
Subway 1428 N. Bridge St., Elkin 336-835-7827
Burger King 1403 N. Bridge St., Elkin 336-526-1080
Matty’s (Home Cooking) 1111 N. Bridge St., Elkin 336-527-4644
Pizza Hut 1039 N. Bridge St., Elkin 336-835-6501
Domino’s Pizza 835 N. Bridge St., Elkin 336-526-5525
Speedy Chef (Good variety) 685 N. Bridge St., Elkin 336-835-4403
Prime Thai 642 N. Bridge St., Elkin 336-835-1466


222 Public House (Pizza, Salads, etc.) 222 E. Main St., Elkin 336-258-2251
Royal Soda Shop (Sandwiches, Malts, etc.) 128 W. Main St., Elkin 336-835-0028
Fiddle’s Pub 223 W. Main St., Elkin 336-527-4782
Harry’s Place (Home Cooking, Steaks) 135 Front St., Elkin 336-835-9693
Southern on Main  260 Standard St., Elkin 336-258-2144
Luddies’s Kitchen (Famous Chicken)  260 Standard St., Elkin 336-258-2938


Theo’s (Italian) 233 Winston Rd.,Jonesville 336-526-5888
Generations (Good variety) 220 Winston Rd.,Jonesville 336-835-3095
WoodBox BBQ 401 N. Bridge St., Jonesville 336-526-4227
67 Pizza 1808 NC Hwy 67, Jonesville 336-526-4100
Cracker Barrel 1717 NC Hwy 67, Jonesville 336-835-6011
Bojangle’s 1652 NC Hwy 67, Jonesville 336-835-2991
Wendy’s 1630 NC Hwy 67, Jonesville 336-835-9214
BreakfastTime (Closes at 3pm) 1624 NC Hwy 67, Jonesville 336-835-5544
Miller’s Country Kitchen 1538 NC Hwy 67, Jonesville 336-258-2510


Cedarbrook Grill (Sandwiches, etc.) 225 Country Club Rd, State Road 336-835-2320
Pirate’s Landing (Seafood, Steaks, etc.) 161 Interstate Way, Elkin 336-366-4150
John Boys BBQ-Seafood (Good variety) 796 Elkin Hwy. 268, Elkin 336-835-4711
McDonald’s 479 CC Camp Rd., Elkin 336-526-1086
Amalfi’s (Calzones, etc.) 544 CC Camp Rd., Elkin 336-526-6186


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